Novembre 3, 2022

Shape memory engineered tissue (smet) for biomedical application

Shape memory engineered tissue (SMET) able to modify its configuration in response to specific external stimuli and perform local regenerative activity.

Many traditional surgical operations (such as esophagectomy, fetoscopy, vascular and abdominal surgery, etc) require invasive procedure that can be dangerous for patient’s survival and lengthen recovery times. Moreover, tissue regeneration sometimes cannot reach physiological activities recovery due to the onset of chronic inflammation, foreign tissue rejection and lack of pro-regenerative stimuli. A less invasive and more targeted action is required to achieve a better healing.

The inventors designed a temperature-induced shape memory engineered tissue as mini-invasive device for tissue regeneration. Starting from a flat shape, SMET is rolled up in a stable cylindrical conformation able to hold a smaller volume than the original one. Only upon body implantation, due to the presence of certain physiological stimuli, SMET unrolls and completely regains its flat shape.
A medical grade synthetic copolymer was used to produce SMET using electrospinning fibers fabrication technique. SMET cellurization has been successfully tested using MSCs and other cell lines and was able to prove the product suitability for selected targets allowing to speed up and promote tissue regrowth.

Avanzini Maria Antonietta, Benazzo Marco, Conti Bice, Dorati Rossella, Ida Genta Ida, Pisani Silvia.

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